Cooker, Oven & Hob Repairs & Servicing

Covering Milton Keynes, Bedford, Dunstable, Luton and surrounding areas.

Cooker Repairs

Your cooker is at the heart of your home so when your electric cooker, oven or hob breaks down, it can cause chaos in the kitchen and burn a hole in your budget.

That’s why JTA Domestic Appliance Repairs promises:

  Fast, expert, quality cooker repairs
  High First Time Completion Rate
  One simple call out fee
  Free safety testing

For your peace of mind, we provide six-month parts and labour warranty. All our spare parts are genuine brands and sourced quickly from leading manufacturers at competitive prices.

We know the best way to avoid the cost of cooker, oven and hob repairs is to care for your kitchen appliances. That’s why the team at JTA provides free safety testing and expert tips on how to maintain your electric cooker, oven or hob when they visit.

Why Choose JTA Domestic For Your Cooker Repairs?

85% of our customers get their cooker, oven or hob repaired on the first visit so if we can’t fix your appliance the first time, we promise not to charge for a second visit.

We are specialists in Bosch, Neff and Siemens cookers, ovens and hobs but we’re qualified to fix and service a huge range of makes and models.

Cooker, Oven & Hob Brands We’re Qualified To Repair

Cooker, Oven & Hob Repairs Near Me

Our specialist engineers are happy to travel to homes in Milton Keynes, Bedford, Dunstable and Luton
and will service and fix broken cookers, ovens and hobs anywhere within 20 miles of Dunstable.

We do cooker repairs and fix ovens and hobs to a high standard whether they’re built-in or freestanding.

Find out why JTA Domestic Appliance Repairs have such an outstanding local reputation
for cooker hob repairs in the Milton Keynes and Dunstable areas here.

Cooker, Oven & Hob Problems We Repair

Not Heating Up

Temperature Problems

Electrical Faults

Oven Door Problems

My Cooker Isn’t Heating Up
If your electric cooker or grill isn’t heating up, it’s usually a problem with the element or thermostat but it could be something as simple as checking the timer and clock are set correctly before calling an engineer.
My Cooker Overheats & Burns Food
It’s really frustrating when a lovingly prepared meal is ruined by a temperamental oven. It could be a jammed fan but it’s usually due to the heating element, thermostat or temperature sensor so you’ll probably need a qualified engineer.
My Cooker Won’t Turn On
If your cooker simply won’t turn on, check the wall switch is on and the MCB unit hasn’t tripped. This usually solves the problem if not, it could be a loose wire or poor contacts and you’ll need a qualified electrician.
My Hob Ring Doesn’t Work
A hob ring that won’t heat up is usually due to a faulty hob heating element or loose wiring. Both problems will need to be fixed by a local repairman.
My Oven Door Is Broken
An oven door that won’t shut may have a broken hinge or latch which needs replacement or repair. If not, the rubber or plastic gasket around the door could be worn. You can fix it yourself, but you may prefer to have it done professionally.
My Oven Light Doesn’t Work
A faulty oven light is most likely to be a blown bulb, but if replacing it doesn’t help, it could be a problem with the electrics or a connecting wire. Book a qualified technician to fix any electrical problems.

You can save time and money if you know what to look out for and how to fix it
but if you can’t repair your electric cooker, oven or hob, our local technicians are here to help so give us a call on 07852 674 124.

What Our Customers Say About Us...

“Outstanding same day service. Friendly engineer Damien who went over and above to help. Thank you.”

“So happy with the service. Gave us a time window day before, confirmed ETA in the morning and had everything done super quick. Would absolutely recommend.”

“Damien was great, the job wasn’t as big as we originally thought it was so he gave the unit a full service for free and also a small discount off the bill. Great communication before the job. On-time. Friendly.”

Commonly Asked Cooker, Oven & Hob Questions

Are Induction Hobs Better?
Induction hobs use electromagnets to heat up the base of your pans so they heat much more quickly than conventional electric hobs. They’re also much easier to clean! Bear in mind, you’ll need pans with a magnetic base but mosy stainless steel and cast-iron pans will work.
How Does A Self-Cleaning Oven Work?
There are different types of self-cleaning oven which make it easier to maintain your cooker. Many modern ovens come with pyrolytic cleaning which burns away food stains or catalytic liners which absorb grease.

All you should need to clean your self-cleaning oven is a damp cloth to wipe up the ash residue after the cleaning cycle and some mild detergent for cleaning around the door and the exterior surfaces.

How Much Does An Electric Cooker Cost To Run?

Although electric cookers and ovens use less energy than gas cookers, gas appliances work out cheaper to run because they cost less per unit of energy than electric cookers, ovens or hobs.

However, the size of the appliance is the most important factor for running costs, so choose a smaller oven if you want to keep energy costs down.

Do You Repair Microwaves & Combination Ovens?
Yes, we fix all types of electric ovens and microwaves including, built-in microwaves, microwave ovens with grills and combination microwave ovens. Repair prices start at £47.
Does JTA Domestic Appliance Fix Dual Fuel Cookers?

Yes, we are specialists in all types of electric cookers, ovens and hobs so we can carry out local cooker, oven or hob repairs in the Bedfordshire area.

If you need a certified gas engineer to fix your dual fuel cooker, we will put you in touch with a local technician.