Freezer & Fridge Repairs & Servicing

Covering Milton Keynes, Bedford, Dunstable, Luton and surrounding areas.

Fridge Repairs

Whether you have an integrated fridge freezer, a chest freezer in the garage, or a larder fridge under your countertop, it’s frustrating when it breaks down.

That’s why JTA Domestic Appliance Repairs promises:

  Fast, expert, quality repairs
  High First Time Completion Rate
  One simple call out fee
  Free safety testing

For your peace of mind, we provide a six-month parts and labour warranty. All our spare parts are genuine brands and sourced quickly from leading manufacturers at competitive prices.

We know the best way to cut fridge freezer repair costs is to maintain your domestic appliances properly. That’s why the team at JTA provides free safety testing and expert tips on how to care for your fridge or freezer as part of our repair package.

Why Choose JTA Domestic To Fix Your Fridge Freezer?

85% of our customers get their fridge freezer repaired on the first visit so if we can’t fix your appliance the first time, we promise not to charge for a second visit.

We are specialists in Bosch, Neff, Siemens and SMEG fridge freezers but we’re qualified to fix and service a huge range of makes and models.

Fridge Freezer Brands We’re Qualified To Repair

Fridge Freezer Repairs Near Me

Our specialist engineers are happy to travel to homes in Milton Keynes, Bedford, Dunstable and Luton
and will service and fix broken fridge freezers anywhere within 20 miles of Dunstable.

Find out why JTA Domestic Appliance Repairs have such an outstanding local reputation
in the Milton Keynes and Dunstable areas here.

Fridge Freezer Problems We Repair

Temperature Problems

Water Leaks

Internal / External Noises

Ice / Water Dispensers

Faulty Lights

Temperature Problems

Water Leaks

Internal / External Noises

Ice / Water Dispensers

Faulty Lights

My Fridge Freezer Isn’t Cold Enough
A warm fridge or freezer can be simply due to overfilling with food and drink. If this isn’t the issue, faulty condenser coils, a damaged door seal, the fans or the thermostat could be the problem and you’ll need a professional to repair your appliance.

My Fridge Freezer Is Leaking
This is an annoying problem that’s often caused by a clogged defrost drain or water supply line blockages. Flush away food blockages from the defrost drain with warm water or remove debris carefully. Regularly defrost your freezer so it runs efficiently.
My Fridge Freezer Is Really Noisy
Your fridge or freezer gets noisy when it’s cycling and if it’s cycling too often, the condenser coils could get dusty or blocked. This uses more electricity so clean thoroughly before calling a technician. Other reasons for a noisy fridge are the condenser fan or compressor.
My Ice Or Water Dispenser Is Broken
When your fridge dispenser breaks down, it’s often because the water tube in the door is frozen. Check the temperature of your fridge. Another possible cause is a faulty water inlet valve or the water pressure in your home.

You can save time and money if you know what symptoms to look for and how to repair them
but if you are still having trouble with your fridge or freezer, give us a call on 07852 674 124.

What Our Customers Say About Us...

“Outstanding same day service. Friendly engineer Damien who went over and above to help. Thank you.”

“So happy with the service. Gave us a time window day before, confirmed ETA in the morning and had everything done super quick. Would absolutely recommend.”

“Damien was great, the job wasn’t as big as we originally thought it was so he gave the unit a full service for free and also a small discount off the bill. Great communication before the job. On-time. Friendly.”

Commonly Asked Fridge Freezer Questions

Can I Keep A Fridge Freezer In My Garage?
No, unless the temperature in your garage never drops below 10 degrees. If you need to do this, buy a fridge and freezer with freezer guard protection which will keep your appliance at the right temperature regardless of external temperature.
What's The Best Fridge Freezer Temperature?
The ideal fridge temperature is between 37°F – 40°F (3° – 5°C). Your freezer should be set at 0°F (-18°C). You may have to wait for 24 hours for your fridge to achieve the right temperature.
How Much Does A Fridge Freezer Cost To Run?
A standard 70/30 fridge freezer will use roughly 270kWh of electricity per year, which will cost between 12p to 15p a day which will be around £50 per year.
Does JTA Domestic Appliance Fix Smart Fridge Freezers?

Yes, we are specialists in all types of fridge freezers so we can carry out local fridge freezer repairs in the Bedfordshire area even if they have smart technology such as WiFi connectivity.